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Carlos A Olmos

The Cryptography Lab

The Cryptography Lab is a Streamlit app where I work with the concepts of cryptography and cryptanalysis history, as laid out by Simon Singh in his book 'The Code Book - The Science of Secrecy From Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography'. The first set of cipher techniques went live today.

The MacroPad Jukebox

MacroPad RP2040 + Raspberry Pi + some code = Rock and Roll. In this guide, I provide all the code and the instructions to assemble my MacroPad Jukebox: a severely over-engineered gadget to play my music collection.

Abandonware: evaluating the health of the libraries in your project

Do you know how many libraries your project depends on? How old is the code you are importing? In this post, I encorage you to consider the quantity, and quality of the libraries you include (directly or indirectly) in your code base, and show you how to evaluate the health of the dependencies in a sample Go project.

Shake It! - Remote sensor activation using the Arduino IoT Cloud

An overengineered solution to activate an Everactive batteryless motion sensor remotely using a wifi-enabled microcontroller and a cloud service.

Node-RED and the Everactive API - Part 1

Using Node-RED to interact with the Everactive API in a low-code flow.